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Welcome to Adonia Skin Wellness Spa

A unique one stop spa combination of noninvasive aesthetic treatment with the state of art modern Aesthetic equipment and traditional Indian herbs therapy.

It 's personal, it's intelligent skin care with holistic health.We offer the best cosmecutical grade skin care brand with cutting edge technology to ensure the ultimate rejuvenating experience and outstanding results.We customize our services to your Fitzparick skin type and skin condition to give the ultimate and unique results.

We customize our services to your skin goals and skin type to give the ultimate and unique result and to enhance the overall health of your skin with the use of our professional products and services.We offer the latest in facial rejuvenation and Our facials are designed to rejuvenate,refresh and renew to bring your skin to its optimal best.

Total Aesthetics encompasses both inner health and external beauty. Achieving good inner health allows us to be energized,feel positive and radiate beauty from within. At Adonia multidisciplinary approach is used with low molecular range of cosmeceuticals for easy penetration to deeper layers of skin .

Our attempt is to strike a fine balance between progressive therapy,advanced technology and traditional herbal therapies to make a beautiful you.