1.      Micro peel combination –Microdermabrsion exfoliates the upper layer and chemical peel goes deeper to the epidermal layers thus enhancing new cell renewal mechanism faster.


 Light activated facial rejuvenation. This Technology uses energy producing packets of light to enhance fibroblast collagen synthesis, with the blue light which kills bacteria which causes acne.

3.      Enzyme exfoliation (Papain,Bromelain enzyme)

Enzymes work to destroy the bond in dead cells on the surface of the skin. These treatments are often referred to as enzyme peeling. This is suitable for oily, clogged skin with minor acne breakouts, dry or dehydrated skin, dull lifeless looking skin, skin with multiple milia. Our Triple Enzyme Peel is a great way to rejuvenate your skin without the worry of irritation

4.      Hot paraffin infusion mask

 This is used to increase the blood circulation of the skin and promote penetration of ingredients deeper into the skin. It is beneficial for dry, mature or skin that is dull and lifeless

5.      Lymphatic drainage facial massage

 Protect the body from disease by developing immunity, speeds healing after surgery, Regular LDM causes the skin to glow with increased health.