1.      Microdermabrasion (crystal)

Microdermabrasion is the Physical and Resurfacing exfoliating step that drastically improves the skin damaged by UV rays, enhance collagen production. This treatment has been documented to reduce pigmented lesions, superficial acne scars, and rhytids. Soothing mask and sunscreen completes the exfoliating service.

2.   Chemical Peel

This peel is customized for optimal results based on skin analysis. Chemical peel accelerates the sloughing process of dead skin cells and new cell renewal mechanism brings a more healthier smoother and brighter skin with minimal downtime.


3.      Ultrasonic Treatment

Ultrasonic technology uses noninvasive sound waves to cleanse and exfoliate the skin removing dead skin cells analogue it by sending sound waves through the skin to assist in product penetration. This treatment is calming and rejuvenating for sensitive and rosacea skin type than other exfoliating services.